The Students Take Over

This week, Professor Anja and Professor Catharina ran their first classes with Lennart and Erin being the students. Anja is Clarabel College’s Performing Arts teacher. For her first lesson, she taught us a new way of playing Paper, Rock, Scissors. In this version, participants start off as ‘eggs’, meaning they have to curl up in […]

Our First Week

What a wonderful week we’ve had! We are having way too much fun for this to be ‘school’. In english, Catharina has been learning about contractions. Some examples are: I’m Can’t He’d Didn’t A contraction is when two words have beem smooged together to make one new word by leaving out one or more letters […]

Clarabel College Opens!

Today was Day 1 for the teachers and students of Clarabel College. We decided to take it easy to begin with. So Professor Nanny was taking classes today while Lennart and Erin were at work. Nanny, Anja and Catharina kept busy by going to Homeschool Group where they played with other homeschooling families who live […]