The Human Body

We have started a new Science subject – The Human Body. We have been learning about the Integumentary System (skin, hair and nails), the Skeletal System, and the Respiratory System so far. Some interesting things we have learned are: – there are 206 bones in the human body –

Exam Time!

Okay, not really an ‘exam’ but we did have to do a test this week in Dutch School. We knew it was coming so we had been practising vigilantly all week. Lucky for us it was easy and the Goedhart Girls blitzed it! Speaking of exams though, Anja does have a real one coming up […]

A Tutorial On Birthdays

Every birthday is special. It is a time for reflection, thanksgiving and celebration. As someone who especially cherishes birthdays, this past week has provided Professor Mummy with a perfect opportunity to share her enthusiasm and love of birthdays with her two favourite students! This week we have learned: Maths – budgeting, saving, comparing prices, value […]

Life Lessons

There is a saying, “Everything I need to know about life, I learned in the playground.” This quote comes to mind as I blog this week, and think about what we’ve been learning. There have been the usual ‘educational’ things, such as; reading, Dutch School, I.T. lessons with Prof. Daddy (which included pulling apart a […]

Kangaroo Island

Oh my, do we know how to do excursions! The students and professors of Clarabel College have just returned from 4 days in beautiful Kangaroo Island. At this point, Professor Nanny would like to make it clear that we had absolutely No Fun because everything was purely educational. Examples of No Fun: – patting an […]