Why Anja Will Never Be Jewish

This term, our religion topic is Judaism! We have had so much fun learning about one of the world’s oldest religions, and the parent religion of Christianity and Islam. We’ve been learning about Jewish celebrations such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah. We’ve been learning about signs and symbols such as the well known and […]

Visiting Professor

This week, we welcomed visiting Professor Cousin Nigel to Clarabel College. He and Anja began a very intense tutorial by playing an online medieval game. They created their own kingdom, became the proud parents of a dragon and invaded surrounding settlements. I did question some of the morals and ethics he was teaching her but […]


I’m sure you have all heard of King Tut, and right now in Melbourne, he is one very popular guy! Last Wednesday, we went with a group of homeschoolers to see this exhibit. We studied Egyptology in Term 1 and so were very prepared about a lot of the things we were going to see. […]

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who make our lives special! We have celeberated this day in true Mother’s Day style with Gorilla Cheese and coffee for breakfast, love heart chocolates given out by the children at church and soon we will head off for tea and cakes with The Aunt, The Uncle […]


Catharina and I have been learning about time. We spent many school lessons last term learning to read the time on the clock and how many minutes are in an hour and so forth. It’s one of those skills we all have to learn and I’ve been impressed by how quickly she has picked it […]