A Big Weekend

It has been a whirlwind week here at Clarabel College and we’ve finished it off with two big events! On Saturday we enjoyed Anja’s Winter Showcase Concert with the Australian Girls Choir. Babcia accompanied our family to this very professional performance and then we celebrated Anja’s achievements with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. […]

Overall Status Report

Hello All, Here’s a brief update on where we’re up to! Social Studies – Our lessons in Australian History continues. We have learned about famous explorers and our national flag as well as the Aboriginal flag. We’ve designed our own flags for Clarabel College too! Science – Astronomy continues when the weather permits. We’ve spotted […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last Thursday we had a fabulous excursion planned for our current term’s Religion topic – Judaism. We planned to go to the Jewish Museum with visiting Professors’ Diddi and The Uncle.

Australian History and Moses

We have begun a new social studies topic – The History of Australia! When we studied this topic in primary school, Australia’s history began in 1788. Now, we recognise that Australia’s beginnings are much older, in fact, 40,000 years older!