Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here, and truly there is a biological imperative to receive the freshness of the season with freshness in your own home! Professors Daddy, Mummy and the Clarabel students tackled one of the scarier propositions in the house: The Storeroom. A very large proportion of the content was “IT Stuff” – remnants of […]


Our Social Studies topic this term is Geography, and so far we’ve learned that geography is more than just the study of where things are, but also why things are. For example, why is the Gold Coast such a popular tourist destination, and, why does most of Australia’s population live on the coast? We’ve learned […]

Anja’s Excursion

Yesterday, Anja and Professor Daddy went on an excursion to the Digital Learning Hub in the city. They joined other homeschoolers from around Melbourne for this workshop which gave the students a greater understanding of music production and they also got to explore MIDI technology, create their own piece of music and have it put […]

AMC And Some Thoughts On Education

This week, our eldest pupil participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Well done Anja! We are so proud of you!! In the lead up to this event, we received some encouragement about getting Anja to study for it which started some thought provoking discussions in our homeschool about exams, studying and learning. Firstly, we talked […]

Guide Dogs and Lemon Cheesecake!

Last week was fun and delicious! Firstly, Professor Nanny took our students on an excursion to The Seeing Eye Dog Training Centre here in Melbourne. The girls joined other homeschooling families to meet a real guide dog and learn what goes into training these amazing animals. They got to see the facilities and learn about […]