What?! Is that even a real word? Well yes, in Dutch 🙂 Amandelspijs (translated as Almondspice) is a key ingredient of Kerststol, the traditional Dutch Christmas bread/cake we make every year. It is made at the beginning of December, and kept in the fridge to allow the ingredients to “infuse” each other to create the […]

Rock Candy

This week we did a fun science experiment – making rock candy! We dissolved lots of sugar into water to make a syrup. We then poured that into different jars and added different food colours. This gave us an opportunity to learn about mixing colours to make other colours. Lastly we coated some skewers in […]

Biker Babes!

Lesson: Cool 101 Objectives At the end of the session students will have an understanding of: The role of ‘cool’ in our society Different ‘cool’ concepts such as style, confidence and Fonziness (also known as the Aaaaa methodology) Techniques used to effectively project ‘cool’ Image awareness – Harley-Davidson (this should be self-explanatory) Live, Love and […]


Do you discipline your kids? You can’t help but say “Yes”! “Discipline” comes from the latin “disciplina”, meaning “instruction” or “knowledge” from the other Latin word “discipulus”, meaning “disciple”. A disciple is a follower or student of a certain teaching or philosophy.