Sugar can be great in cooking and as a treat, but too much sugar can cause health problems such as type 2 diabetes and teeth decay. The world’s largest producer of sugar cane is Brazil. Australia is the 9th biggest sugar producer in the world. The world’s top ten sugar producing countries are: Brazil India […]

How Long Is It?

Maths We used a ruler to do some measuring. We measured: Caty’s bed – 203cm Caty’s door – 75cm Caty’s head -18cm Caty’s shoe – 21cm Caty’s pencil – 16cm We learned that a ruler is normally 30cm long. We got some practice counting by 10’s and 30’s. Live, Love & Learn, The Clarabel College […]


Last Night

Fact Or Fiction

Last night, Professor Daddy took our students to a fun event called Fact Or Fiction. It was an

Change Of Plan

Yesterday was gorgeous! Blue sky and sunshine everywhere. An immediate change of plan was in order. Housework and schoolwork were quickly sidelined to make way for an excursion … 2 teachers (Prof. Nanny & Prof. Mummy) 2 students 2 bicycles 2 dogs We packed a picnic and headed to one of our favourite parks. It […]