Poet’s Corner

The Queen of Cats Covered with soft fur, I love it when she purrs. She bounds through long grass, She runs o so fast! She encounters flowers and chases butterflies. She glides with ease and jumps without cease, and claps her velvety paws together, among the bracken, among the heather. The butterfly lives on. The […]

Quote Of The Day

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate

Melbourne Zoo

Last week, we joined some other homeschool families for a day of education and fun at the Melbourne Zoo. There were 18 of us all together and amazingly we didn’t lose anyone in all of the excitement (well, not permanently). The fun part consisted of riding statues and climbing a tree that was designed for […]

Quote Of The Day

“Freedom is not the right to do what I want, but the power to do what I ought.” Michelle Duggar Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate

Cupcake Day

On the 20th of August, it was Cupcake Day in order to raise money for the RSPCA. Anja and Caty had a lot of fun decorating (and eating!) cupcakes. Anja decorated 6 cupcakes and Caty decorated 4 cupcakes! There was a lot of icing and lollies. Anja and Caty along with Girl Group raised $70 […]