Today we learned: There are 264 species of monkey. Some monkeys are arboreal, this means they live in trees. Spider monkeys live in Central & South America. Marmosets eat small insects, spiders and small vertebrates. They sleep in trees. Monkeys can be found in Central & South America, Asia and Africa. Live, Love and Learn, […]

Quote Of The Day

“Children are spoilt because grandparents aren’t spanked enough!” Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate


Today we learned: The average normal human body temperature is 37 degrees celsius. If it rises or falls too far it can be fatal. The lowest possible temperature is called absolute zero. This is -273.15 degrees celsius. In the home, heat is used for warmth and for cooking. The six main sources of heat are […]


Today we learned: Crabs are crustaceans Hermit crabs live on land and in the sea The fourth or back leg of most crabs is referred to as their ‘swimming claw’ as it is used for swimming Crabs belong to the phylum arthropoda Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate


Today we learned: Falcons differ from hawks in many ways. They have different beaks; they are faster and smaller; and they have longer wings. They use their beak and talons to attack other birds. There is a sport called falconry that involves hunting with falcons. Falconry was a popular sport from 500AD – 1600AD. It […]