Remembering Professor Daddy

In most homeschool families that I know, including ours, Mum is the person who does the bulk of the teaching, research, lesson planning, science experiments and taxiing to and from activities. It is easy for us to forget sometimes the important role that Dad’s play in the success of homeschooling. Our Professor Daddy: Financially supports […]

Christmas In The Court

We’ve lived in our Court for 4 Chirstmases now and every December we host a street party that gets all of the neighbours together. Last weekend we held our 4th Annual Christmas In The Court event and as usual it was great. We are so blessed in our court to have a mix of retirees, […]

Fear And Indifference

The other day, the girls and I caught the train home from ice skating with some friends. At one point, a couple of young men got on the train, one of them speaking quite loudly (the whole carriage could hear him). Unfortunately, nearly every second word began with ‘f’. After several minutes, it became clear […]

Quote Of The Day

“Treat the Earth well; it was not given to you by your parents, it is loaned to you by your children.” American Indian Proverb Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate

Christmas Activity Space

Clarabel College has formally closed for the year and we are now unschooling until the 1st February. Something we thought would be fun was to create a space that was set up for Christmas activities that our students could access easily and spend as much or as little time in as they liked, so here’s […]