This week, two of our school’s professors, Prof. Mummy & Prof. Daddy (yes, a bit of nepotism in the hiring department) are celebrating their 15 year wedding anniversary. This got us to thinking that one of the most important decisions you will ever make in life is IF you marry and if so, WHO you […]

Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentine’s Day, Professor Daddy took our entire school out for a lovely breakfast at one of our favourite cafes. Now how many school principals do that? Professor Mummy had organised some special gifts for everyone and the students had made Goodie Coupons for their teachers which included vouchers for: hugs words of […]

Chinese New Year

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year with our new friends, the Ma family, who have just moved here from Beijing. We made paper lanterns and delicious dumplings. We learned that this year is the year of the snake and we learned that the colour red is lucky in China because a legend tells the story […]


It may seem a bit heavy going, but we started our first day back at school with a discussion about crime. We listed 10 crimes that we could think of and sorted them into ‘petty’ and ‘serious’. Some of them included: robbery, kidnapping, poaching, selling drugs and graffiti. We discussed ideas to help reduce crime. […]