Today Caty did a fun activity about colour. We had a list of colour synonyms and she had to guess what each one was. Here they are: golden ebony azure fuchsia tan emerald silver apricot lavender crimson pearly Which one is your favourite? Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate  


Not something I have a lot of. So many people say to me that they could never homeschool their children because they wouldn’t have the patience. I think for some this is true and those families are probably best off in the school system, but when it comes to our kids, most of the time […]


This week’s spelling list for Caty is: women prison yacht whether measure wrapped journey surprise receive accident difference I have been trying to think of somewhere else in the English language that uses a spelling similar to yacht for the same sound and I can’t think of one! Do you know of any? If so, […]


This week’s words for Caty are: often lorries huge buying hoping picnic sense across among island careful people carrying ‘Lorries’ was a fun one because it’s not really a term we use that often so I first had to explain what a lorry was! Live, Love and Learn, The Clarabel College Conglomerate

Clarabel Kitchen

Berry Blast Smoothie This morning as Caty, Rosco and I headed out for a walk, breakfast negotiations began. I was planning a healthy green smoothie with celery, avocado and a small amount of fruit; by the time we’d made it around the block, this is what Caty had talked me into: Ingredients 200g cashews (can […]

Stay-At-Home Church

What do you do when someone in the family sleeps in and you miss church? Do it at home! We had a lovely service around our coffee table complete with candles and music. We decided to work our way through the fruits of the spirit starting with diligence. We talked about what diligence means, the […]

Anatomy & Physiology 6

The Respiratory System We’ve learned: Air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, dust, viruses, pollen, fungi and chemicals. Inhale means to breathe in. The larynx is your voice box. The heart lies more on the left side than on the right side of the lungs. Bronchioles is the latin way of saying […]

Anatomy & Physiology 5

Nutrition We know that: Kidneys clean your blood All of your blood flows through at least one of your kidneys every 5 minutes And … When you feel thirsty it means you are dehydrated Inside the body, carbohydrates break down into sugar We need to: Drink 1 – 2 litres of water every day (more […]


This week’s spelling list for Caty: address chief forgetting friend busy polish anyone amount bury lose bought quiet clothes Funnily enough, the hardest words for her in this list are the shortest words -busy and bury. It didn’t take too long for her to stop putting to s’s in busy but bury had her stumped […]

Schedules, Timetables, Charts & Organisation

I love lists and plans and little colour coded boxes with tasks in them. I rarely follow them, but I love them! Especially now, as we prepare for Professor Daddy to return to work after having 4 weeks home with us, I like the feeling of having a system set up to help us get […]