Quote Of The Day

When I walk on the beach to watch the sunset, I do not call out, “A little more orange over to the right please,” or “Would you mind giving us less purple in the back?” No, I enjoy the always-different sunsets as they are. We do well to do the same with people we love. […]

Book Review

Second Chance by Elizabeth Wren This book is not one for kids, but definitely one for mums! It’s the story of a 50 year old lady who is staring down the gun barrel of being an empty nester and is pretty scared about what that means. The main character, Deena, has devoted herself to her […]

Remembering Remembrance Day

Today we forgot to remember Remembrance Day! Well, not entirely, we just remembered at the wrong times. At 11am, when we were supposed to stop to remember, we were busy walking the dogs and baking, but we did remember before that and then again after that. Having time to stop and remember is a great […]