Restaurant Review

Yong Green Food This restaurant is in Fitzroy and it is brilliant. Their food is tasty, creative and healthy! Everything is vegetarian and they have a great range of raw dishes which we especially love. The service is always quick and polite. The staff are very friendly. It is a great place to go


At Clarabel College, we have one ‘fluffy’ – Ice Cream the guinea pig. At the moment we are fluffy-sitting for some friends of ours so we have 3 ‘fluffies’ – Ice Cream & Cuddlepie (guinea pigs) and Hazel (bunny). We have spent most of this year creating a fluffy palace down the side of our […]

I Love Naplan!

Yes, despite all of the negativity surrounding Naplan testing, I love it and I’ll tell you why. Every year right before the next round of exams a whole host of Naplan preparation books are released and they are everywhere! About every second year we’ll buy one for each of our kids and get them to […]