Zombies, Run!

We have started regular PE classes as a family. Three times a week, Professor Daddy and his iPhone app – Zombies, Run! – take us out into our local nature reserve for some fun and fitness. For an hour we walk along the creek, admire some wildflowers … and then start running to avoid the […]

Night School

We have a lot to fit in this year so we’re adding Night School to our term 1 schedule. Three nights a week we have an extra class that we do as a family. They are: Dutch Latin Art of Argument We really benefit from having Professor Daddy around to help us with these classes, […]

Back To School

The break is over and it’s officially time to go ‘back to school’. Our January holidays were amazing! We got to go to beautiful New Zealand for 3 weeks for a family reunion. While there we visited every Hobbit location we could find, ate our weight in Cookie Times and Jelly Tips, and played on […]