Quote Of The Day

Encouragement costs you nothing to give, but it is priceless to receive. Live, Love and Learn,

Time Well Wasted

Here’s a free tutorial on how to waste precious school hours with something far more valuable! First, if you don’t already have one, adopt a pet. My personal preference is something fluffy and for this tutorial we will be using a guinea pig as our, umm, well, guinea pig! Second, provide your pet with a […]

King Island Excursion

Last weekend, Clarabel College relocated to King Island for 3 days! King Island is located about halfway between Tasmania and Victoria. Approximately 1500 people live there and it is most well known for it’s cheese! While there we: Drove around the entire island Saw a calcified forest Ate lots of cheese and beef Collected shells […]

Splash Time!

I love starting our school day with something fun. It makes it easier on everyone to get going. We used to do Table Time which involved art and poetry. Now for something different, we are doing Splash Time! At the start of our school day, we head to the computer and go to the ABC […]

Getting Good Press

Yesterday we were out enjoying brunch as a family when our waitress asked the kids, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” We gave our standard yes and no reply. Yes, they are in school right now (mid french toast) and no they are not in conventional school because we homeschool. “Cool!” she replied. “That […]

Clarabel Kitchen

Pink & Green Salad Ingredients 1 beetroot (or half a large beetroot) 1 avocado 6 sundried tomatoes pinch of salt optional Method Shred/grate your peeled beetroot into a bowl. Mix through your pinch of salt (preferably celtic or similar) if you are using it. Top with diced avocado. Top with sundried tomatoes. Enjoy! This recipe […]