Wonders Part 2

We’re on a Wonder-full roll at the moment learning about the Wonders of the World. We loved the Natural Wonders so much that we (with the help of YouTube) have been watching documentaries about the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. They are: The Netherlands North Sea Protection Works The Channel Tunnel The CN Tower […]

Wonders Part 1

We have just finished learning about the 7 Wonders of the Natural World. They are: The Great Barrier Reef Aurora Borealis The Grand Canyon The Harbour at Rio de Janeiro Paricutin Victoria Falls Mt Everest If you fancy a trip around the world with a splash of history try looking them up! Live, Love and […]

Better Mum Part 8

8. Show up We get approximately 900 weeks with our kids before they leave home. I know I’m on the downhill run of this number. My gorgeous girls will be gone all too soon! It is still so important to them (even when they don’t admit it) to be there for them when they want […]

Show Me Your Friends And I’ll Show You Your Future

Have you heard this quote before? I have experienced it to be true so many times. The main reason we pulled our kids out of conventional school was because of the negative peers our eldest was surrounded by. She was incredibly strong in not taking on any of their poor characteristics, but being constantly surrounded […]

Nelson Mandela

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