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I love parenting books. I often have one on the go. I’ll take any opportunity to learn how to do my job better and discover the different ways that can be achieved. So, here are my top picks that have helped me the most:

  1. Babies by Dr Christopher Green – This one was my Bible when I had my first baby. Dr Green is an Australian paediatrician and I found his advice simple and practical.
  2. Parenting For Character by Andrew Mullins – If I could only own one parenting book in my entire life, it would be this one! Andrew Mullins is a high school principal and so has a massive amount of experience with families, kids and teens from all walks of life. The focus of his book is that our children will be adults for a lot longer than they will be children, so we have to prepare and train them for that part of their life. It’s in no way about making them grow up too fast, it’s just a good reminder to keep our eye on the big picture while we’re wading through toddler tantrums and teenage dramas. If we keep sight of the bigger goal, then that can help us make better decisions earlier on. His book also has some handy charts that you can use to see how your kids are progressing with different character qualities, where they’re doing well and where they need to improve.
  3. Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk – This book is filled with funny stories and is so encouraging. I find it complements Parenting For Character really well. There is a focus of teaching our kids actions/consequences, developing good character and of course abundant love in everyday life.
  4. Growing Up Duggar by Jessa, Jill, Jana & Jinger Duggar – This is a family I greatly admire and I really enjoyed reading something that is from the perspective of grown up children. This is one that I have read with my own daughter and has generated some open discussions between us about the years ahead.

What are some of your favourite parenting books? I’d love to read them!

Live, Love and Learn,

The Clarabel College Conglomerate

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