King Island Excursion

Last weekend, Clarabel College relocated to King Island for 3 days! King Island is located about halfway between Tasmania and Victoria. Approximately 1500 people live there and it is most well known for it’s cheese! While there we: Drove around the entire island Saw a calcified forest Ate lots of cheese and beef Collected shells […]

Melbourne Zoo

Last week, we joined some other homeschool families for a day of education and fun at the Melbourne Zoo. There were 18 of us all together and amazingly we didn’t lose anyone in all of the excitement (well, not permanently). The fun part consisted of riding statues and climbing a tree that was designed for […]


Last Night

Fact Or Fiction

Last night, Professor Daddy took our students to a fun event called Fact Or Fiction. It was an

Change Of Plan

Yesterday was gorgeous! Blue sky and sunshine everywhere. An immediate change of plan was in order. Housework and schoolwork were quickly sidelined to make way for an excursion … 2 teachers (Prof. Nanny & Prof. Mummy) 2 students 2 bicycles 2 dogs We packed a picnic and headed to one of our favourite parks. It […]

Photography Workshop

Last Monday our students attended a photography workshop with Peter Smith of Peter Smith Photography. They learned how to use an amazing little app called Snapseed as well as many photography basics like the rule of thirds. Here are some samples of their artwork!

A visit to HMB Endeavour

The students of Clarabel College were lucky enough to spend some time aboard the HMB Endeavour replica as it was docked in Melbourne recently. As it turns out, our Cousin Nigel is the chef aboard Endeavour during its circumnavigation around Australia. The Endeavour was originally a Collier (a boat that transported coal) before it was […]

Alowyn Gardens

Over the Easter weekend, our school visited Alowyn Gardens with visiting Professor Opa.


This is how you say hello in Hawaii, and a delegation from Clarabel College has been learning this along with more Hawaiin phrases while holidaying there. Professors Nanny and Daddy chaperoned our Caty and visiting student Gemma on a week long trip to explore Honolulu. So far they have: been to Pearl Harbour and learned […]

Walk For A Cure

Every year she cries. Every year she says she won’t, but without fail she does. As we approach Albert Park Lake, the sight of over 10,000 people all gathered with the unified purpose of finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes is overwhelming. And Professor Mummy cries – again. Last Sunday was the 2011 Walk […]