The Last Post

As you may have noticed, I seem to have lost my impetus to blog. I think this is for a few reasons, one of them being that today is the last day of primary school at Clarabel College. As of today, all of the books are packed away. We will enjoy the next 2 months […]

Certificate Courses

With our eldest, we are getting to the business end of homeschool. It’s time to start making decisions and getting qualifications. One way we are doing that is through certificate courses. There are a lot out there! Cert III in Early Childhood Education & Care Cert II in Business Cert IV in Training & Assessment […]

Wonders Part 3

Our third part of this study program has been so amazing. I think we’ve learned more than ever about the Ancient Wonders as most of them we’d never heard of before! Here’s a little look: The Great Pyramid – This is the only one of the seven that is still in tact and fully standing. […]

Grandpa’s Hands

Grandpa’s Hands Written by Melinda Clements, Adapted by Anja Christabel   Grandpa, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench. He didn’t move, just sat with his head down staring at his hands. I sat down beside him, waiting for him to speak. Finally, he raised his head, looked at me and smiled. […]

TV Show Review: Psych

TV Show Review: Psych   Psych is a hilarious detective comedy-drama that always involves solving crimes. This TV series is like a comedic version of Murder, She Wrote. The main character of the series, Shawn Spencer is a young man who is hyper-observant because of the training his ex-cop father Henry Spencer gave him. After […]

The Parable Of The Three Grandmothers

The Parable Of The Three Grandmothers   There were once two grandmothers named Mary and Susan and they were discussing which one of them was a better grandmother. As they were arguing and trying to convince one another that they were better than the other, another grandmother, whose name was Kerry joined them.

Book Review

Parenting Books I love parenting books. I often have one on the go. I’ll take any opportunity to learn how to do my job better and discover the different ways that can be achieved. So, here are my top picks that have helped me the most: Babies by Dr Christopher Green – This one was […]

Europe Tour

There’s a reason I haven’t blogged for a while. We’ve been in Europe! I’m sure the coolest-ever way to homeschool is travelling! History, religion, social studies, LOTE, maths, english, life skills and so much more! It’s all there. We started with half of the family in Ireland for one week and then met the other […]

Wonders Part 2

We’re on a Wonder-full roll at the moment learning about the Wonders of the World. We loved the Natural Wonders so much that we (with the help of YouTube) have been watching documentaries about the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. They are: The Netherlands North Sea Protection Works The Channel Tunnel The CN Tower […]

Wonders Part 1

We have just finished learning about the 7 Wonders of the Natural World. They are: The Great Barrier Reef Aurora Borealis The Grand Canyon The Harbour at Rio de Janeiro Paricutin Victoria Falls Mt Everest If you fancy a trip around the world with a splash of history try looking them up! Live, Love and […]